What is SO DO?

The organisation “System of orchestras for children and youth – SO DO” was founded in order to implement the social development programme of music education through orchestral playing for children and young people. It is based on the philosophy, methodology and principles of “El Sistema”. The aim of this project is to encourage the humanitarian, social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual development of young people through music.

Music has a profound impact on human beings, enabling the development of intelligence, cognitive sensitivity, emotional consciousness and aesthetic potential. By its very nature music enables the establishment of social groups, such as orchestras and choirs. Within these groups children can learn about social interaction, solidarity, teamwork, discipline, concentration, self-respect and the ability to work with others. All this helps to broaden their minds and it diverts their attention from the dangers and temptations of modern society.

This project enables children who are otherwise not in contact with classical music to learn about it and develop understanding and love for it. An orchestra is a micro-world in which children learn about many aspects of life – collective creation, mutual support, helping each other, respect for others and they gain a sense of belonging. Making music as a group encourages inspiration, imagination and an appreciation for beauty hence the development of aesthetic potential. It also enriches the spiritual development of every young person, regardless of his or her later affinities or choice of profession.

In terms of social development – children use their free time to learn about music and to develop their personality, spirituality and intellect in a positive way, rather than being left by themselves. Therefore their potential, talent and time are guided towards creative communication with their peers, as well as other age groups.

From the cultural aspect – we are developing a society of culturally and musically educated young people, regardless of whether they choose that as their career path later on. Culture builds character and personality and so any culturally educated person makes a positive contribution to the future of our society.

From the professional musical aspect – we are contributing to the culture of collective music making, which is inadequately pursued in our country, to a level of quality that would satisfy global standards.

Taking part in the “El Sistema” programme is free for all participants and is therefore available to everyone.