About Us

Our aim is to enable young people to have fun learning together and to:

  • recognise the beauty and inspiration that music conveys
  • gain confidence in themselves and their own abilities
  • learn to play an instrument of their choice
  • develop firm friendships
  • build self-belief
  • use free time to acquire new skills
  • learn how to respect themselves and others
  • expand the horizons of social norms and relationships
  • meet interesting people and get to know diverse cultures
  • appreciate the advantage of helping each other for mutual benefit
  • experience the satisfaction achieved by one’s own effort, work and discipline
  • learn to appreciate differences and the richness they bring
  • discover the beauty of the surrounding world

“If we make a difference in the life of one child – we are happy. If we bring inspiration to many – we have achieved our purpose!”
— Ricardo and Carmen